PRIMAPACK is since 2014 the official distributor of Hellenic Plastic for the Greek market, which ensures a dynamic presence in the commercial and retail sector of drinking straws. In a very large variety and at high capacity the straws are produced in the manufacturing plant of Hellenic Plastic 35km south of Bucharest – Romania.

Hellenic Plastic is a dynamic plastics industry which operates in accordance with the latest standards regarding manufacturing process, safety and environmental protection.

The company’s aim is to retain a sustainable investment policy, in fully automated state of the art mechanical equipment and machinery, in order to achieve perfection in product quality and manufacturing efficiency. The company is certified with all the necessary certificates for safety, manufacturing and quality standards.

The plant industrial equipment and machinery is modern, efficient and fully automated and the company is dedicated to sustainability in order to bring the final order to perfection.

For more information about Hellenic Plastic and its activity you can visit here.